Cycling Plus Tour De France Special Illustration | Freelance

A series of illustrated portraits of the main contenders for the 2014 Tour de France

Drawing (people in particular) has been a hobby of mine since my dad taught me how to correctly shade my drawings of Sonic the Hedgehog when I was seven years old. I’ve also been a pretty massive cycling fan for as long as I can remember (dad’s influence again).

Each year in the run-up to the Tour De France there are a plethora of special commerative issues released by various cycling magazines previewing the race ahead. These issues are usually much sought-after and become collector’s items for many fans. In April 2014, after an illustration of Bradley Wiggins I’d done had gone¬†slightly viral during the previous year’s Tour,¬†I was approached by Cycling Plus magazine to produce a series of caricatures of the leading contenders for that year’s Tour to be used in their own pre-race manual. Since then, I’ve also been commisioned by Men’s Health magazine to produce portraits of various sporting stars and again by Cycling Plus in Februrary 2015 to produce a portrait of their guest columnist Ned Boulting. You can see these here amongst other bits and pieces I’ve done.

  • Client
    Cycling Plus Magazine
  • Date
    Jul 2014