Retirement announcement.

Over a thirty seven -year period my life - 45 years if you include the years I  built rods as an amateur, has centred around designing fly rods based on my fishing experiences and my concept of how a fly rod should perform. Luckily a good number of customers seemed to agree with my ideas on rod design - and since 1977 I’ve been running a successful business building fly rods of the highest quality. Thank you to you all. Everything has to end at sometime though. The years spent building rods seems to have passed so quickly!

I have now reached retirement age and principally due to the onset of osteoarthritis in my hands, I feel that it is time to retire from full time rod making. As of March 2014 I will not be taking any more orders for rods or blanks.

The order book will close at the end of February and from then on I will be making only a very limited number of rods each year for myself and a few friends. On a part time basis - I will still offer where possible, a repair service for Norwich rods. My rod building supplies business will also continue.



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